Self Levelling Compounds

Self Levelling Compounds


LoPro™QuickSet self-levelling compound is a single part concrete floor leveller containing a compound of specially graded fillers, fine cements and polymers, suitable for UFH. It is used to cover areas of castellated panel within the LoPro™10 heating system, and over the whole floor with LoPro™Max.

  • Provides a smooth level surface
  • Aids even heat distribution
  • Suitable for pump application

Technical information
Coverage when used with LoPro™10: 1 bag = 1.2m
Coverage when used with castellated panel/LoPro™Max: 1 bag = 0.75m
Working time: 20-30 minutes at 20˚C
Waiting time before covering: 72 hours
Time to foot traffic: 2-3 hours at 20˚C

Product details
Product code: LPSLC2/25-C

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N.B All above information reproduced with permission from Nu-Heat UK