Liquid Floor Screed

Liquid floor screed is an Anhydrite self compacting flowing screed that conforms to BS EN 13813:2002, the British standard for floor screeds. Liquid floor screeds have been used in Europe for the last twenty years but they are gaining huge popularity in the UK for their ease of use, flexibility, environmental impact and labour saving qualities.


A liquid floor screed is a fast, efficient way to install a new floor in all kinds of construction projects, small or large. A 1000m2 liquid floor screed can easily be laid in just a day, significantly less time than a traditional sand and cement floor.


Liquid Floor screed is the ideal choice when underfloor heating has been installed. The liquid floor screed does not need to be so thick, the floor screed flows easily around the pipes without damage and because it is self-compacting, delivers a floor without any voids which means the heat can transfer easily through the floor to heat the room more quickly, evenly and efficiently, without any cold spots. Significant savings on energy costs can be achieved due to the efficiency of the system.


Liquid floor screed can be used in all kinds of situations, from heavy industrial projects, public sector buildings to domestic housing. Liquid floor screed has many benefits it is much quicker to install. It dries more quickly and can be adapted to suit individual requirements. For more information contact your specialist installer, Screedmaster, who will be able to advise on the best liquid floor screed for supply in Devon and Somerset, in your situation, call 0800 9807260 for an onsite visit and professional advice.