Gyvlon screed

Gyvlon screed

Gyvlon ® Screed

Gyvlon® Screed is a complete range of floor screeds which have been manufactured using a recycled calcium sulphate binder, specially chosen aggregates and additives resulting in a free flowing self compacting screed manufactured to BSEN 13813:2002.

Gyvlon® Screed is ideally suited for use with underfloor heating and can be effectively applied over warm water or electric heating. It is self compacting so voids are eliminated which allows heat to be transferred evenly across the floor.

Shrinkage is kept to minimum; it does not curl which reduces the risk of cracking. The flooring is protein free which means it will not harbour bacteria so is an excellent choice for areas where cleanliness and infection control is required.

As with all flowing floor screed drying times are much quicker than traditional sand and cement screed and it can be walked on after only 24-24 hours dependant on conditions.


Excelio® free flowing floor screed is the ideal choice if you need a thin flooring solution. Gyvlon® Excelio® is specifically designed for use in bonded construction between 12-30mm and is the only purpose manufactured screed that can be applied at a depth of 12mm. It is the thinnest ready mixed screed solution available and was designed to bridge the gap between bagged SLU materials and bonded sand cement screeds. Containing 39% recycled content it is environmentally friendly, with reduced cracking and no curling.


Thermio+®- has been developed specifically to enhance and improve the efficiency of underfloor heating and cooling systems. This guaranteed ultra efficient floor screed delivers up to a 30% increase in the thermal value coefficient to maximise the efficiency of your underfloor heating system.

Thermio+® delivers up to 80% thermal diffusion which means room temperature is achieved faster improving comfort. It is estimated to save up to 8% on heating bills.


XTR® flowing screed has been developed for commercial and domestic buildings where the need for a strong base is required. The screed can be applied as a floating screed and is also suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. You should consult with your specialist installer, Screedmaster on 0800 9807260 for further information.

XTR® flowing screed is dry enough to walk on after 24-48 hours and can be loaded after 7 days. There is minimum shrinkage and it does not curl which reduces the risk of cracking.

XTR® flowing screed will not harbour bacteria so can be used in infection sensitive, is non combustible (tested to BS476 Part 4) situations reduces labour costs and is environmentally friendly.