Flowing Screed

Flowing Screed


Flowing screed is sometimes called liquid or self levelling screed and is a modern versatile approach to floor laying when compared to traditional sand and cement methods. It is far less labour intensive and can be applied at rapid rates of up to 1000 m2 per day.
Liquid screed is far more efficient as a product when compared to other methods, as Liquid screed can be laid at varying depths, dependant on the product when, compared to a traditional screed depth of 75mm.This can be invaluable when there are major restrictions with height in properties requiring insulation and a screeded floor.
At Screedmaster we use this method of screeding to provide a smooth, flat surface for the application of most floor coverings with no curling or curing required!


Thermio + is specifically designed with underfloor heating in mind. Able to be installed at a lower depth than liquid screed at only 20mm above the pipes it increases thermal performance of the underfloor heating system.

  • Performance: up to 30% increase of thermal emission value for maximised performance of the underfloor heating system
  • Comfort: up to 80% thermal diffusivity for a much faster ramp-up in temperature, greatly improving immediate and long term comfort.
  • Savings: up to 8% savings on heating bills

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Excelio is specifically designed for use in bonded construction between 12-30mm. Excelio provides the thinnest readymix screed solution and was was designed to bridge the gap between bagged SLU materials and bonded sand cement screeds.

Excelio offers the unique ability to install a 12mm bonded screed whilst gaining the benefits of a readymix, factory produced product. This greatly improves productivity and reduces site labour and operations compared to traditional screeds.

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XTR is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings where higher than usual loadings are expected, prior to the application of final floor finishes and is particularly suitable for application as a floating screed and use in conjunction with under floor heating systems (where higher loadings are expected, special attention should be paid to the loading characteristics of the insulation being specified).