Q : What is the difference between Liquid Screed and traditional floor screeding?

A : The main advantage is the speed in which a large area can be covered and the drying time. For more technical information contact your specialist installer, Screedmasteron 01392 369 347 .

Q : What is the recommended depth of floor screed?

A : For liquid flowing screed the minimum recommended thickness is 25mm bonded, 30mm unbonded and 40mm floating. Traditional screeds are laid at 40mm if bonded, 50mm unbonded and 65mm floating.

Q : How long is it before the screed can be walked on?

A : Generally between 24 and 48 hours after laying, although this should be confirmed with your specialist installer, Screedmaster on 0800 9807260 .

Q : How long before the floor can be tiled?

A : This is dependent on thickness but generally liquid flowing screed dries at 1mm per day. This can be affected by conditions and temperature so you should consult with your specialist installer, Screedmaster on 0800 9807260 .

Q : What is the best type of screed for my property?

A : There are many types of screed for different situations and uses, consult your specialist installer, Screedmaster on 0800 9807260 for expert technical advice on your particular requirements.

Q : How is the screed delivered?

A: Liquid flowing screed is delivered ready to use via a specialist lorry and then pumped to your premises, either directly or indirectly by the use of dedicated pumps.