Cementitious Screed

Cementitious Screed


CemFloor is a binder mixed with cement, sand and water to create a high performance self levelling cementitious floor screed that complies with EN 13813.

Advantages and Benefits include:

  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds
  • Minimal Drying Shrinkage (<0.1%)
  • Larger floor area without joints (up to 150m2)
  • Foot traffic after 24 –48 hours
  • Exceptional Thermal Conductivity (up to 2.9W/m.k)*
  • Can be applied in wet areas
  • Reduced drying times of 14-28 days. (Depending on drying conditions and floor coverings)
  • Self-compacting – no voids around under floor heating pipes.
  • No risk of contamination at concrete mixing plants
  • No Surface Latiance (Dust) after curing
  • Easy Installation (Reduces time & costs)

*According to Avis Technique CSTB No.EMI 14-26051749

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